Wren Verona: 6 Months

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Life has been quite the blur since the arrival of our Littlest O'Brien but it's also been a whirlwind of joy and gratitude for all the love that has been showered on us from friends and family.  We've had an enormous amount of generosity in the form of meals (fresh and frozen), babysitting, cleaning + tidying, renovations, gifts and hands-me-downs and everything in between.

Our winter has been its usual mix of everything: grey rainy skies, frozen clear days of rolling blue sky, warmer overcast days, and occasionally a beautiful sunny day reminiscent of early Fall.  We had a spoiled visit of cozy chicken soup and gluten free treats from my high school friend Ashley, and with the sun just pouring into our home, there was no amount of "tired" that could stop me from taking a few snaps of Little Wren and her balmy blue eyes.

Wren - Newborn

Wren - 3 Months

I was blown away how much she had groans since her last visit which was only a few weeks ago when Ash and Nicole came to meet Feather for the first time.  My heart went into panic mode realizing how different Feather will be in 5 months time and, after having two kids, knowing how fast those 5 months are going to pass.  Feather will be sitting up, laughing, trying solids, rolling around and being a little menace with his rowdy older siblings.


Chloe jumped in for a few shots with her little buddy

How fast time is flying.  

These little beauties are going to be rebel teenagers before we know it.




…We had a Baby Boy!

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It's taken us just a little over 3 weeks, but we just might have a name for him too!

We've been calling him Feather for the last 3 weeks since he was born.  Chloe suggested the name because he was sooooo sooofffftttt.  He was born 6:19pm on December 26th at Women's Hospital where he was welcomed by Kevin, the kids, my mom and my dear friend Lindsay who not only photographed the birth, but also assisted as a midwife throughout my labour.  

I didn't think I would or could miss this belly, but I do on occasion

We are an unstoppable team.  This labour thing is "old hat"

My Doctor broke my waters at 2pm hoping to have this baby in the same two hour period that I had Chloe when they broke my waters.  With only a few mild contractions throughout the first two hours, it was suggested that we induce with oxytocin.  This was not the route I had planned for.  After having them attempt to hook me up to the IV and missing my vein, I opted for some time and space in which I let go of my anxiety and nervousness and courageously embraced my inner ability to get my contractions started.  After a quick snack and my newfound energy, I got my contraction rolling and after about 2 hours, my little baby boy was born!

My darling husband

Big Brother Momo gently feeling his newborn baby brother's tiny tiny toes

Big Sister Chloe conceding to the fact that she has a little brother instead of the little sister she had been hoping for.  Even at the tender age of 4, she couldn't help but fall in love despite not getting what she wanted.

A joyful ME, so happy, relieved and proud of myself for getting through labour one last time and so grateful for a healthy little baby to fall in love with.

We stayed for two nights in a tiny corner room where we were virtually left on our own as veterans to enjoy our peaceful time alone with Baby before heading back home to chaos.

Feather has been a gem.  He is the best little baby of them all.  He sleeps so much compared to the other two, allowing me to accomplish tidying and cleaning the mountains of mess that spread like wildfire between the juggling of school schedules, meals, toys, and renovations.  The nights, so far, have been a breeze with only a couple of feedings a night and once he is done he goes right back to sleep.  I never have to get out of bed to walk or bounce him around for hours on end.  He is the sweetest most darling little guy!

Our first Family Photo from New Year's Eve


2015 is off to a beautiful start!
Looking forward to the joy this year has to bring!



Our Holiday 2014 Families

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After our brief hiatus from updating the blog, I've got a lot of catching up to do here!  Better late than never may I present to you the families of Holiday 2014!  

What a very memorable year it has been.  Thank you to all my lovely friends for being a part of this year's Holiday photos, I am so very lucky to have clients I can call friends!



Holiday 2014

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It is hard to believe that another year has already passed and that we are on the verge of 2015!  It feels like only a few months ago I was posting Happy New Year 2014 and making plans to step back and spend a little more time with family after a very intense and busy year.  

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised with how 2014 panned out!  As Spring approached, our family of 4 found out it would be welcoming an additional member by the year's end (…with only 5 more weeks to go!...), so the decision to step back was rather serendipitous!  I must have done something right within the first year of getting The Pauhaus out in the public because I continued to have a steady flow of clients (both new and returning) without any promoting!  It was the perfect amount for me throughout my pregnancy and it was indeed very encouraging.

Our Holiday Sessions were no exception.  Not entirely sure of what my physical state would be in the last weeks of my pregnancy, I held back on promoting.  As these sessions are high in demand, I did not want to risk cancelling last minute.  This year's sessions were entirely filled with a handful of clients that inquired and requested in advance with the awareness that they might be cancelled.  The decision to go forth was not made until the weekend before they would take place and I would like to give a very warm and sincere Thank You to all the clients that were so flexible and understanding!  

We left last year's playful light blue for a deeper and richer winter night blue and adorned it with a customized Peace sign wreath, beautifully composed by my good friends Erin + Kerstyn at OLFCO (Our Little Flower Company).  It seems our Holiday Sessions just won't be the same without something fresh, unique and seasonally aromatic from these talented ladies!

Enjoy a few sneaks from our Holiday 2014 Sessions!


And just for shits + giggles, a few test shots + outtakes...

I can't believe these are over for another year!

I had a wonderful wonderful time churning out these sessions in spite of my initial cold feet and big belly!  I am so glad I went forward with these and so thankful to everyone who helped make them happen:  To my ever-supportive husband Kevin and assistant Maggie for helping to set-up, to my Mama and Jess for helping mind the kids, and to my lovely clients for your loving support, your exuberance, and the extra flexibility and understanding you have shown me!  

What a terrible regret it would have been to not have had so many great moments captured for this Holiday Season.  

I am already so very very excited for next year's sessions!



Party like it's 1994

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Just a few goodies from last weekend's 20 Year Reunion at River Rock Casino with the kids from Delta Secondary School!  

Our 10 year reunion was a little sad, and after seeing these cats have such a great night, I think I will definitely try to put something together for our 20 year… or why wait, let's make it a 15 year reunion!  

Thanks to Sir Rob Lowe of Stir Coffee in Ladner for letting me a be a part of the party!