Holiday 2014

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It is hard to believe that another year has already passed and that we are on the verge of 2015!  It feels like only a few months ago I was posting Happy New Year 2014 and making plans to step back and spend a little more time with family after a very intense and busy year.  

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised with how 2014 panned out!  As Spring approached, our family of 4 found out it would be welcoming an additional member by the year's end (…with only 5 more weeks to go!...), so the decision to step back was rather serendipitous!  I must have done something right within the first year of getting The Pauhaus out in the public because I continued to have a steady flow of clients (both new and returning) without any promoting!  It was the perfect amount for me throughout my pregnancy and it was indeed very encouraging.

Our Holiday Sessions were no exception.  Not entirely sure of what my physical state would be in the last weeks of my pregnancy, I held back on promoting.  As these sessions are high in demand, I did not want to risk cancelling last minute.  This year's sessions were entirely filled with a handful of clients that inquired and requested in advance with the awareness that they might be cancelled.  The decision to go forth was not made until the weekend before they would take place and I would like to give a very warm and sincere Thank You to all the clients that were so flexible and understanding!  

We left last year's playful light blue for a deeper and richer winter night blue and adorned it with a customized Peace sign wreath, beautifully composed by my good friends Erin + Kerstyn at OLFCO (Our Little Flower Company).  It seems our Holiday Sessions just won't be the same without something fresh, unique and seasonally aromatic from these talented ladies!

Enjoy a few sneaks from our Holiday 2014 Sessions!


And just for shits + giggles, a few test shots + outtakes...

I can't believe these are over for another year!

I had a wonderful wonderful time churning out these sessions in spite of my initial cold feet and big belly!  I am so glad I went forward with these and so thankful to everyone who helped make them happen:  To my ever-supportive husband Kevin and assistant Maggie for helping to set-up, to my Mama and Jess for helping mind the kids, and to my lovely clients for your loving support, your exuberance, and the extra flexibility and understanding you have shown me!  

What a terrible regret it would have been to not have had so many great moments captured for this Holiday Season.  

I am already so very very excited for next year's sessions!



Party like it's 1994

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Just a few goodies from last weekend's 20 Year Reunion at River Rock Casino with the kids from Delta Secondary School!  

Our 10 year reunion was a little sad, and after seeing these cats have such a great night, I think I will definitely try to put something together for our 20 year… or why wait, let's make it a 15 year reunion!  

Thanks to Sir Rob Lowe of Stir Coffee in Ladner for letting me a be a part of the party!



The Wozny Clan

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I love living on the Canadian West Coast.  It may not be lined with palm trees and sunny all year round like our neighbours to the South, but I'm ok with that.  I love being able to transition through all four of our seasons.  To marvel at the explosion of cherry blossom season in the Spring just before we really start pining for those hot August evenings on the patio with friends, only to find ourselves secretly missing cozy sweaters, that favourite scarf and the unforgettable joy of a hot drink on a crisp Fall afternoon…  Our beaches are just as beautiful in the cold months as they are during the summer months and it is clear that the Wozny crew share the same sentiment with a beach house to call home.

We met with Christy and her boys a few weeks back in a more intimate family session and once again here with the rest of their growing family!

It's a beautiful life



Wren Verona: 3 Months

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Wren was days old when we first met up with her back in July.  Over the past 3 months, she has plumped right up and begun to share her sweet smile with the rest of the world.

If this isn't the spitting image of her mother, I don't know what is
SUCH and Ashley face you are pulling right now, Little Wren

Happy 3 months to Mama + Baby

You are doing an amazing job Ash!


Baby Bowen

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It's baby season in my circle of friends!  I was so close to the finish line as Moses just started Kindergarten with Chloe to follow next year and now, I, too, have one last little bun baking in my oven.  Holding these fresh tiny babies feels brand new as it's been so long since Chloe was this small!  I am frightened for how I will re-learn and re-adapt to this phase of motherhood, but my heart who knows all too well just how quickly time passes, is eager to cradle another delicate and precious little life in my arms one last time.

Congrats to Jess + Jared on their newest bundle of joy and trouble!  


"These days, these days I seem to think a lot
About the things that I forgot to do, and all the times I had the chance to"

-Nico Case