Art Club | Summer Edition: Week 1

We are in the second half of summer and filling our weeks up with Art Club sessions!  Emily has been so kind as to host these fun creative adventures at School House Farm, providing a beautifully inspiring and open space for our energetic artists.  The week kicked off with Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvasses, followed by our Gift Wrap session, and ending with Indigo.   I was really excited for the new Gift Wrapping session (I'm probably going to renamed it That's A Wrap because I'm just into fun names for things...) which turned out super fantastic!!!  I will definitely have to get my hands on a few more Pom Pom makers as those were definitely a favourite by far.  The Acrylic Painting always puts me on edge because of the permanence and all the accidental squeezing too much paint or possible end game of BROWN FROM MIXING ALL THE COLOURS, but as you will see, they all turned out uniquely awesome in every way.  Indigo was indigo, a lot of impatience and aversion to the smell, but inevitably always worth the end product!

Myla Rose turns 4

These pictures bring me so much joy.  I am so happy to have the Houstons back home from Europe after 3-4 long years of following their travels on Instagram.  We celebrated with a backyard birthday BBQ party for Miss Myla Rose and her close friends and family.  My Houstons cup has been so empty for so long that having it filled with their presence and so many familiar faces just had my cup overflowing, my blown out candle was lit (and truthfully so was I on Root Beer Vodka) and it was like being given the chance to relive my youth again. 

Happy Birthday Myla!!!!

Vancouver Moms Top 30 Bloggers

Wow!  What an incredible evening spent with Vancouver's Top Mom Bloggers.  The Annual event was hosted at the beautiful University Women's Club of Vancouver where I got to rub shoulders with familiar faces and made a few new connections throughout the evening.  The glasses were flowing with wine as these mamas enjoyed an evening out to share their stories with one another and celebrate their achievements.  We were also treated to a fashion show by Monique of Wallis Evera, outfits worn by many of the bloggers in attendance.  Check out a few images from the evening!