Beach Evenings

i had posted this in my personal blog but decided these were too good not to share here as well.  we are so lucky to live so close to the beach.  it's so clean and quiet (at least during the week anyway throughout summer) and it's my favourite place to be all year round.  i'm so grateful we were able to have a few family evenings here as i've been pounding out a lot of work and not able to spend as much time together as i would like.  this was such a great day as it was the first time Malcolm experienced walking in the water on his own.  it hasn't been warm enough until recently and this time last year he was only a mere 6 months old.  to see him wander in right up to his chest and fall in love with the ocean was the heartmelting treat i needed.  seeing him get right in there with his older siblings and watch as they both rush to his side to help him is definitely the greatest reward i could ask for!  NO FIGHTING for one beautiful evening was all i needed.

for anyone interested in Booking one of these Beach Sessions, hit me up at my Contact page and we'll get you some beauties to frame and share!


come as you are | charlene + emma

finally.  getting caught up with a few drafts that have been waiting eagerly to be shared!  with all the mom-friends from past and present booking these Come As You Are Sessions, it was a lovely surprise to have a family member call me in to capture her early motherhood days.  i come from a big family, with six aunts/uncles on each side of my family.  Char was one of the first of our generation and therefor was always looked up to, always harassed, and one whose lap was often occupied by a wiggly younger cousin with a bony-butt.  She was always generous and kind to us and I feel like all that patience must have paid off now that she is a Mother.  Capturing someone after a life-time of family get-togethers, through so many joyful births and heartbreaking losses took the meaning of this session to a new level for me.  We can choose our friends, but we can't choose family, so I'm so grateful to have had such a caring, thoughtful and supportive cousin in my life and so happy to have been able to give back with these photos.

Congratulations on having the sweetest little girl!
You guys are doing a great job



Paint Night No.1

After a million revisions, Paint Night was relocated and whittled down to a tight group of 4 ladies.  This was not the original plan, but it ended up working perfectly for a simple test run.  If we are defining success by delicious food, wet whistles, and attendees who had a great time and left happy with their final product, then in spite of a sudden downpour, Paint Night was a definitely success!

Downpour?  Yes, we had a very unexpected 20 minutes downpour midway through the event (as well as all day Saturday...), so these photos are actually a compilation of 3 different days of documentation.  We all had to scramble to bring everything inside: the table full of paints, the food table, the rug for chilling, and of course all the easels with their canvasses.  The rain failed to dampen our spirits and we continued on drinking + painting in the middle of my living room!  Snacks and dessert was served just before Kevin arrived home.  He was probably expecting/hoping to return to a quiet home, however, he was instead accosted by a room of roaring ladies forcing him to play "guess whose painting is whose" followed by a critique of each piece.  Best.

Alright, enough chatting, onto the photos...

Crostini Platter via The Artful Desperado
Chocolate Cake inspired by ILĀ

Mega thanks to Kevin for the insane amount of work he did throughout the week helping to prepare everything from designing + building easels to slaving in the kitchen making all the delicious food and sangria for our lovely guests.  Big hugs to my buddy Dave for helping me to streamline my ideas and keep my mind focus while accompanying me on the grocery run!

Stay Tuned for PAINT NIGHT No.2 coming this July!  Date to be announced!


fête carnival | south park's spring fair

Had one last shoot to check off my list the evening before my Cali weekend getaway, the photobooth for the kids' Spring Fair!  I can't take too much credit for the backdrop, I put it together, but all the elements were created and ordered and delivered thanks to the two organizers, Colleen + Lee-Ann!  Enjoy a few select images from our successful fair!

good times


Family Session with Baby Avery

I might have to start an LFA Alumni tag for the blog soon!  I've got another family session this weekend with an old classmate.  I really fought my parents on going to LFA when the majority of my friends went East to St Pat's, but I must admit, being at an all-girls school was pretty terrific and having made friends with so many great women, it's a blessing to be able to meet and capture their mini-me(s)!  To have memories of so many heart-to-hearts, fun-but-bad decisions, falling outs, or even calling up the girl who sat behind/beside you for 5 years because she was Chiu and you were Chan and she was really good at math and you were not, and then to take photos of them 15 years later is pretty special.  Pamela Chiu is so up there on memories of highschool although we ran in different circles.  I'm probably giving myself a bad reputation as a Baby Floosy, but I really love Avery.  We were buddies right away because all Asians look the same, so it was super easy for me to pretend to be her mom! 

Jokes aside, photographing Alumni offspring is the best.  Seeing glimpses of your old-time buddies resurface in chubby yummy form and to see these old-time buddies smile with so much joy in their heart is like being magically transported to Candyland.  Jason, you're alright too :P

Love you Pam
Salvo, you're a lucky guy